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Part II:

You are now ready to find the actual stages of meiosis, using the lily anther. The lily flower has six anthers surrounding one carpel. Each anther has two pair of microsporangia ("pollen sacs"). It is in these microsporangia that you will observe the stages of meiosis.

REMEMBER: These slides are thin two-dimensional sections through three-dimensional reality. Therefore, you will have to look at several different cells in each microsporangium to see exactly what is going on. Luckily, in the early stages of meiosis, all the cells in the sac are in the same stage.

Meiosis in the anther starts with the diploid microsporocyte. Each nucleus has a diploid number of duplicated chromosomes. These cells are still attached in the microsporangium.

We will now begin to identify the different stages of meiosis. The cross-section of the lily anther to the left is in the early stages of meiosis. Click on one of the microsporangia to magnify the image of that area and then identify the stage of meiosis the cells are in.

Are the cells in:
1. Early prophase I
2. Late prophase I
3. Metaphase I
4. Anaphase I
5. Telophase I
6. Interkinesis

In Meiosis II, all the cells in a microsporangium are not in the same stage of division. Therefore, images of single cells have been taken for identification of these stages. Click


to load the stages of Meiosis II. Click on the cell and then identify its stage of division.

Look for:
1. Prophase II
2. Metaphase II
3. Anaphase II
4. Telophase II
5. Cytokinesis II

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