Laboratory 7: Introduction to Embryology
Echinoderm Development Amphibian Development Avian Development
   Egg and zygote    Egg and zygote    13-15 hr. embryo
Early cleavage (2-16 cell morula) Early cleavage 16-18 hr. embryo
Late cleavage (16-32 cell blastula) Late cleavage- blastula 24 hr. embryo- 1st somites
Gastrulation Gastrulation- crescent blastopore 33 hr. embryo- brain and optic vesicles
Sections through blastulas Gastrulation- yolk plug 48 hr. embryo- torsion
Bipinnaria larva Neurulation- neural plate 72 hr. embryo
  Neurulation- neural groove 96 hr. embryo
  Neurulation- neural tube Later stages of chick development
Self Quizes Sections through 4mm frog  
Exit this lab Later stages of frog development